Can We Curse Others in Jesus’ Name

Last updated: September 6, 2018 at 0:20 am

bless photoFrom time to time, I’ve heard people use Jesus’ name to say mean things to others. I’ve heard people “attempt” to curse others in Jesus’ name. Yet, there are those in the church who tell others that they will go to hell, and others who judge the lifestyles of others.

But did God bestow such authority to Christians? Absolutely not! In fact, the bible tells us that we must accept the Kingdom of God as humbly as a little child, or it will not be ours.

Once, I saw a Facebook post from a religious group condemning the way some female pop stars were dressed. One person commented that we should not be passing such judgement on people, because Jesus did not give us such authority. The poster responded that Jesus in his time condemned who needed to be condemned. I responded that Jesus did so because ONLY HE has the authority to do so. But He did not pass that authority to us.

In fact, the bible tells us that when we judge others, we are compared to someone with a plank in his eye trying to remove a speck from his brother’s eyes.

Here are some things God commands us to do:

  1. Bless and curse not.
  2. Bless those who curse you.
  3. Let your light shine, so that sinners will see that you are of God and come to know God.
  4. Reach out and bless others in the name of Jesus in every way you can.

When Jesus was on earth, he warned us of the dangers of even calling another person “you fool.”

One time, I was chatting with a woman who claimed to be a Christian. In the conversation, she started to vent her hatred for a woman who had done her wrong. Then she said, “May Jesus curse the b****h.”

I told her that she is still not saved, and that she does not know the Lord Jesus Christ. No one can curse anyone in the name of Jesus because in doing so you act in direct disobedience of God’s commandment. Needless to say, this woman had to be re-baptized about five years later. I trust that she will get to know the Truth of  our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sadly, there are people in today’s world who pretend to be Christians, or fool themselves that they are Christians and go about cursing others purportedly under God’s authority.

What assurance does God give us against such people?

  1. The curse causeless shall not come.
  2. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
  3. We shall condemn every tongue that rises up against us in judgement. (Isaiah 54:17)

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always, and may everyone who reads this article be blessed in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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