Magic Vs. Sterling: The Power of the Christ

A scandalous story happened around 13th of May, 2014 in the United States of America that rattled the headlines of the major news corporations. It was a case where Mr. Donald Sterling was taped making racist comments against black people in America, and the recording was released to the public.

I was watching the news with some friends in Lethem, Guyana at the time, and these friends happened to be black. My friend, Chris King, burst with laughter as Mr. Sterling came under international pressure and was grilled by the interviewer. He and Marlon said they are so excited to hear Magic Johnson’s comments on the issue the next night.

Donald Sterling, apparently in trying to cover up his own mistakes, had made the most horrible attacks towards Magic Johnson, with statements like “who is Magic Johnson?”, “he has AIDS!”, “is this someone we want our children to look up to?”, “what has he done for the black community?”. Of course, all of Mr. Sterling’s comments were way off target, and this only further depicted him as a racist.

Fact: Magic Johnson was diagnosed as HIV positive but does NOT have AIDS.

I thought about it for a few minutes then I asked Chris, “would you be surprised if Magic Johnson said to Mr. Sterling ‘I know you made a mistake, but Jesus still loves you'”?

My statement leaned to the humorous side but it was not too far off target, the next night Magic Johnson, despite all the venomous remarks made towards him by Donald Sterling, said “I will pray for him and hope things work out for him”. And Magic Johnson wasn’t being sarcastic, he was serious!

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I intend to include this story in my upcoming book “The Power of the Christ” which will be available free in PDF and Kindle. It is these kinds of things which illustrate the power of Jesus to perform miracles in all areas human lives. Think of the kind of strength, peace and divine blessings it takes for Magic Johnson to respond in such a way to something like this; it is the kind of thing that illustrates the “Power of the Christ”.

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