A Tribute to Fathers

Last updated: June 20, 2017 at 0:24 am

fathers day photoWell, as we all know, Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of the month of June, every year. On this day, humans take the time to observe the tremendous work and sacrifice of the “man of the home”: the father.

Our true and divine Father is God. But God has also placed earthly fathers to take care of their younger ones. And this is a special, divine and God-given duty.

The week before Father’s Day, of the year 2017, the organizers of the Father’s Day Program for our church, The Assemblies of God, Lethem, called on me to make a contribution to the program. Sister Pompey said she wanted me to do “A Tribute to Fathers”. This tribute must take the form of a poem, she said.

And here’s she sweetest part: she wanted me to compose the poem myself. I asked her just to be sure “do you want me to make a poem up by myself or do you want me to pull one off the internet”.

“It would be better if you made it up,” she smiled.

I willingly agreed. But I forgot all about it. The next week, as I getting ready for church, I realized that I was running late. Just then, my phone rang. It was the Pastor of our church, Pastor Jenny. “Patrick, you remember you have to do a poem, right?”.

Well, actually, I didn’t. I told Pastor Jenny that I’ll be there shortly, that I’m getting ready for church now. So, realizing that I was pressed for time, and that I had a commitment to honor, I sat down at my desk with my pen. I prayed, “God please guide my hands to create a great poem for you.” In five minutes, my poem was complete.

When they called me to the stage, I walked boldly up. I told the cheering crowd the whole story behind the poem. “Well I don’t know how Sister Pompey knew that I’m world class poet,” I joked. But there was some truth in that “joke”: world class poet!

When I read my poem, the response was awesome. Everyone loved it. And that my friend, is the power of “five minutes with God”. So here it is, I know you’ve been holding you breath way too long.

Happy Father’s Day: A Tribute to Fathers

Made in the image of God;

Saddled with the will of the Father;

Careful protector, guide, provider:

That’s why we call you “dad”.


Your calling is divine;

Your love is for all times.

Your memories are here to stay:

Happy Father’s Day!

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