Jesus Was No Ordinary Jew

The Jews are no ordinary people, that we know. They are blessed because they were chosen by God to practice righteousness and pave the way for the coming messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
However, many practicing Jews today refuse to accept this doctrine of Jesus as the savior of mankind. How could God have a son? Is this the promised Messiah? Really? Wasn’t the promised Messiah supposed to bring military victory and restore Israel as the superpower of the world?
As much as the Jews are no ordinary people, Jesus was no ordinary Jew. He was born in Bethlehem, to Jewish Parents, Mary and Joseph, and he was, according to the flesh, a Jew. We have all heard stories of how powerful the Jewish people are in the modern world, how intelligent they are, and how many Nobel prizes Jews have won. They have founded large multinational corporations from scratch and many of them rule from coast to coast.
But Jesus, our Savior, was, is and will always be, much more than that.
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Money is a secondary thing to Jesus and His followers. Power is in Jesus’ right hand and a miracle in His left. Jesus walked on water, made the blind to see, raised the dead, healed the sick, fed five thousand with a few loaves of bread and turned water into wine.
No other human to this date can claim credibility for such extraordinary feats. Jesus was no man. He was God in the flesh. Many mono-theists argue that God could never have a son since it is written that  he would never give his glory to another (Isaiah) and that He would never put another name in front of His own.
This idea may conform to our own ideas of how God ‘should be’ and we may as well disagree with many Christian characteristics and traits. Many of us mold God into our own conveniences – how we think He should be and what we believe should be right.
But Jesus came down to earth to tell us who and how God really is and what is the right way to Salvation.
The teachings of the Bible may at times conflict with our own personal ideas – which are wide and varied and differ from person to person. But we should take into consideration that no other book has made its made its way into so many hands, no other organization besides the Christian church has touched so many lives, and no other name than the name of Jesus has saved so many souls. All this was done through lives that God has touched.
As it says in Isaiah, ‘A virgin shall give birth to a child…and the government shall be upon his shoulder…and the glory of God his end…and he shall be called, Mighty Counselor, Prince of Peace, Son of the Most High God.’
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