Let’s Talk About Jesus

This article was last updated on the 13 of May, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

On the evening of the 17th of April, 2015, I happened to form a conversation with a young man stationed at the GDF outpost of the village of Lethem, Rupununi Savannahs, Guyana.

We first started off discussing a recent assault that took place a few days back in the district, but the conversation somehow veered its way around to the political aspect of the country – Guyana.

The young man, whose name was Ryan, seemed bent on political change, and seemed very hopeful that the new opposition party, called APNU, would bring about this change.

He started to make points which illustrate the faults and weaknesses of the present government to express why he believed this new government should take over.

But I gave him my side of the story, and to every point he made, I raised an objection.

My stance on the matter was this: whatever government God wants to come into power, will come into power, as it is written “no power is given on earth unless it is approved in heaven”.

But regardless of which government comes into power, it should be taken into consideration that no government of flesh and blood can solve mankind’s problems, or the problem of any man or woman.

There is only one Governor who can do that, and that is the everlasting King who rules forevermore – Jesus.

Men always “think” they have the solution to a problem or problems. But in trying to solve one problem, other problems arise. Men are good at putting seemingly brilliant ideas on paper and convincing other men of their merits. So good in fact, that so many costly wars were fought in vain. And is all the wealth in the world really worth a human life, or soul?

I told my new friend that no matter what government comes into power in the next election, I will not be affected: my life and joy will still be the same – always, because I will stay with the only true Governor – a government which was established on earth over 2000 years ago – a government which overrides all governments on earth – the King of Glory: Jesus Christ.

And I ended our conversation this way: if, after three or five years of the new government who you so strongly believe in, if it just so happens that your problems are still not solved, come back, and let’s talk about Jesus.

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