WordPress Buttons Plugins: Need Buttons?

Last updated: April 21, 2018 at 22:22 pm

button photoIf you’re building a WordPress website, you’ll definitely need buttons. Buttons point the way forward. The WordPress Editor doesn’t come outfitted with its own button creator, but like everything else about WordPress, you can find a great plugin for that – in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

But, then again, as with every other WordPress feature, there are dozens, scores or even hundreds of options to choose from. So what’ s a great Buttons Plugin recommended by Patrick Carpen? I’ll give it to you straight: MaxButtons.

Buttons point the way forward. Buttons tell your visitors where to go and what to do. You need a buttons plugin that delivers. You need a buttons plugin that allows you to create a wide variety of buttons. After all, variety is the spice of life! You need a buttons plugin that allows you to quickly and easily place all colors, sizes, shapes and styles of buttons on your articles, pages or posts.

And more importantly, you need a buttons plugin that’s lightweight, easy to use and easy to manipulate. To make it short and sweet, you need a button’s plugin that helps to create attractive and useful buttons for your WordPress Pages or Posts “on the fly.”

Here is a just a sample of the buttons you can create with MaxButtons. (Coming Soon)

The possibilities are limitless!

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