Google Search Engine Sucks

Google Search Engine sucks and I am coming to that conclusion more and more every day. I’ll give you a prime example…. I have been building my site,, for about one year now and the keywords “patrick carpen”, which is my name, is in the domain. I have also written 100% original articles all over the site, and the homepage mentions my full name in just the recommended number of links and headings.

After one year, I cannot see my website,, showing up anywhere near the number one spot, or the first 100 sites when I punch in “patrick carpen”.

On the other hand, Yahoo Search rocks. After just a few months of building my website, Yahoo has been showing me within the top three search results for keyword phrase “patrick carpen”.

This has led me to question the credibility and the reliability of the Google Search engine and I have long suspected that it is just an over hyped tool: something like the emperor’s new clothes, where everyone goes with the flow because it is human nature.

Also, I did have many better results on Yahoo in the past when conducting searches on the two search engines.

My advice to the world is this: try both search engines before jumping to any conclusions. It is possible that they are each cut out to deliver better results in slightly different circumstances.

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