Creating an About Us Page for Our WordPress Website

Last updated: August 7, 2018 at 20:10 pm


Most websites have an “About Us” page and that’s cool. Why not create an About Us Page for our hotel website? Let’s do this.

Creating an About Us Page is done just the same way as we created all the previous pages. So why create a whole new tutorial about this? It’s for reinforcement and educational purposes.

You have the option of skipping this lesson, but if you follow, and execute the steps yourself, you will learn a lot, especially about how to write and About Us Page.

So let’s go. I’m going to log in to my WordPress Dashboard by typing in

Then I type in my username and password and I click “Login.” On the left hand column, I click Pages >> All Pages.

This opens the Pages Dashboard which gives me the option of creating a new webpage.

So I click the Add New button and I’m taken to the New Page template.

For title, I type in “About Us.”

And for the body, I type in the following sweet text below.


The Amazonas Hotel, located conveniently along Lethem‘s Main Commercial Highway, offers you comfort, style and protection at a price that will leave you smiling throughout your entire journey.


The Amazonas Hotel features:


  • 16 Self Contained Rooms
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Free WiFi
  • Shopping Complex Located Conveniently Downstairs
  • A Panoramic view of the town of Lethem and the Kanuku Mountains


The Amazonas Hotel Services Include:


  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Tours throughout the Rupununi Savannahs and Brazil
  • Currency Exchange (US Dollars/Brazilian Reals/Guyana Dollars)
  • Gold Buying and Selling


I might edit this text later to include a little biography of the owners, history of the hotel, etc. But for now, this will fill the gap.

And that’s it! I click “Publish” and my page gets published. Then I click “View Page” to view the beautiful page I just created.

Wow! That indeed looks beautiful. I should tap myself on the shoulder. So see you in the next lesson, “Cleaning up the Pages Dashboard.”

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