Cleaning Up Our Pages Dashboard

Last updated: August 8, 2018 at 1:30 am


I remember that when I visited my Pages Dashboard the last few times, I saw some pages there that were unnecessary.

The first thing I need to do before going ahead creating new pages is to declutter my life. That is going to the Pages Dashboard and deleting those two unneccessary pages.

So let’s log back in to our Dashboard by typing, typing in our username and password if the browser didn’t keep us logged in and then hitting the “Log In” button.

So now that we’re in the Dashboard, we click on Pages >> All Pages, and we see a list of pages that we have on our website.

And we can there that we have 6 pages. I recognize 4 of those 6 pages that I have created. The sample is really a dummy page that comes with the WordPress installation so I’ll just delete that outright. To do this, I just hover over it and the “Thrash” button appears in red, and I click that Thrash button.

So that’s gone. But there is still another page there that I didn’t create. So I’ll check it out. It’s a privacy policy pages. Usually, most sites need a privacy policy. But it’s not mandatory for a simple personal website like this one that only serves the personal of representing a small business.

So before I delete this Privacy Policy Page, let me check it by hovering over it and clicking “Preview.”

As you have noticed, it was not published yet. It is still in draft stage. Wow, what I read there is absolutely beautiful!

This is a Privacy Policy message created either by the theme creator or by WordPress and which I can modify to suit this website. It basically tells the users what we do with comments, if you store their emails, how we use their information, if you set cookies etc, etc.

You know what, I’ll modify this privacy policy page and hit the Publish Button. I don’t delete this one.

All I do is hover the mouse around it and click “Edit” then I edit the page and “Publish.”

So here is a link to it all edited and published:

Beautiful. See you in the next lesson. “Creating a Menu.”

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