Why I Love WordPress Updates

Last updated: March 7, 2018 at 20:58 pm

wordpress photoEvery now and then, I’d see this handy little alert button at the top of my WordPress Dashboard. It alerts me that there are WordPress Updates ready to be installed, and that I should click the button to start updating my plugins, themes or both. Some days, there is just one plugin to the updated. Other days there are several, and some days, there are none. Every few months, my WordPress theme is updated. And also every few months, the WordPress platform itself is updated.

But why do I absolutely love WordPress updates? I love WordPress Updates because it reminds that thousands of qualified professionals and enthusiasts all around the world have been working to make my website better, more beautiful, more feature rich and more functional…all while I was sleeping.

And what do I have to do to make my website – which I started building four years ago – more user-friendly, feature rich, beautiful and functional? Just click the updates button, check the updates checkboxes on each plugin/theme to be updated and click “update.”

So my WordPress site gets better and more beautiful almost every single day, without my having to lift a finger! Well, sort of.

And that’s the beauty of WordPress! Just one of them! I guess I should say: that’s the beauty of WordPress Updates!

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