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Last updated: October 3, 2017 at 17:47 pm

wordpress photoBecause you’re reading this webpage about WordPress Plugins, should I assume that you already have a fair to moderate understanding of WordPress? Or are you already a WordPress Expert?

Well, this article is written primarily for those with a fair to moderate understanding of WordPress: what it is, does and can be used for. If you are a WordPress Expert, I guess that means you already know WordPress Plugins inside-out, and I guess too that you are in a better position to contribute to the understanding of WordPress Plugins.

Nevertheless, I do hope that my book on WordPress Plugins: WordPress Plugins by Patrick Carpen (soon coming to Amazon.com), will empower not only those with fair to moderate understanding of WordPress, but even the WordPress Experts! Yes, I do hope that my book on WordPress Plugins will be so jam-packed with relevant and cut-to-the-chase information that even an expert will find it helpful.

For those of you who stumble on this page but don’t know what WordPress is, I’ll make it as crisp and clear as possible: WordPress is a website designing/development software that empowers people to create beautiful websites with amazing functionalities, even those with very limited coding skills. If you don’t know anything about WordPress as yet, then I suggest you read “WordPress: The Missing Manual” by Oreilly Books. It’s one of the best, if not the hands-down absolutely best, books on WordPress for the beginner out there. Using WordPress the Missing Manual by Oreilly, I was able to build this WordPress site from scratch. It walks you through the entire process in such a simple, straightforward manner, yet not missing any of the important details.

If you have already read WordPress: The Missing Manual, or otherwise know just enough about how to register a domain name, choose a good webhost and install the WordPress Software, then my book WordPress Plugins by Patrick Carpen will be a great addition to your bookshelf, library and brain!

After you install the WordPress Software, you have a bare-bones WordPress Blog. There is so much more you can accomplish by adding some frills to your WordPress Website. This is done by choosing from tens of thousands of WordPress Plugins available through the WordPress repository. It’s as simple as finding the right WordPress Plugin, and installing it with a few simple clicks.

But then again, it’s not that simple! Finding the right Plugin can be a challenge when you have to choose from the tens of thousands of plugins out there! On top of that, WordPress Users often run into problems such as plugins not working, or plugins conflicting with each other, and it even gets as bad as plugins ruining an entire site!

At other times, there’s the stress of knowing which plugin to use from a variety of options. When I first started out building this WordPress Website that you are reading this article on, I wished there was a book or other resource which showed me exactly what my site would look like if I installed a particular plugin, or explain in more details exactly what it would do, or the pros and cons of installing such a plugin instead of the next one like it.

I didn’t find such a resource, and so I decided to make it myself! And isn’t that what innovation is all about? Filling a gap or solving a problem? Yes! I hope my book “WordPress Plugins by Patrick Carpen” makes finding the right WordPress Plugin for your website/blog ten times easier, no matter what your skill level in WordPress is!

Under this heading, in the sub-pages to this article, I will be covering a lot of grounds when it comes to WordPress Plugins. If you like what you’re reading, and you’d like to get the full story, then get the book “WordPress Plugins by Patrick Carpen.” I hope it will make your WordPress experience ten times sweeter!

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