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Last updated: November 7, 2017 at 22:05 pm

facebook photoToday, Facebook is used by billions of people around the globe. It is no doubt that it is the high quality of the Social Media Website that keeps people swarming to back to it. Yes, Facebook works its magic on people by giving them wonderful tools.

One such tool is the Facebook Page. If you have a business, let’s say for example, a Fitness Store, you can set up a Fitness Store Facebook Business Page. You can then post news and products updates about your store and business on to that page. You can invite friends to like your Facebook Business Page and they will get newsfeeds when you post something new. You can attract new visitors and “followers” when other people recommend or like your page, or invite their friends to like your page. Yes, Facebook was designed to help businesses succeed. It’s a mutually beneficially success system: when you grow with Facebook, Facebook grows with you.

Today, thousands of business models have an official Facebook Fan Page. And so do authors, actors, fitness experts, etc. And many of these businesses and individuals also have a website.

Long ago, it used to require a lot of coding skills to provide a proper link from your website to your Facebook Page. But for those of you who are building your website with WordPress, all you need is a Facebook Page Integration Plugin from the WordPress Repository! That’s right.

But the question often arises: what’s the best, or what’s a recommended Facebook Page Integration Plugin? Well, there are several. The good news is, if you have JetPack, then you do not need to install another Facebook Page Integration Plugin. Jackpack already offers you a Facebook Page Integration Plugin, as part of the Jetpack Plugin Suite. All you need to do is drag and drop it into your widget area where you want your Facebook Page to show, insert the URL to your Facebook Page, select your options, and tada, you’re done!

For example, the URL to my Facebook Page is: If you look on the upper left hand side of this page, you will see the handy Facebook link to my Facebook Fan Page right there!

If visitors land on your website, and they like the content of your website, and you have your Facebook Page already outfitted  conveniently somewhere for them to see, then chances are they may click the link to your Facebook Page, like it and follow you on Facebook.

And as writers and business persons, we know that that’s how we build our business: a click here, a like there, a share here, a word-of-mouth there…and soon we’re talking real traffic…and real traffic translates to big bucks!

If you don’t already have the Jetpack Plugin, you may search the WordPress Repository for a good “Facebook Page Integration” plugin!

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