Browsing Themes: The Fun Begins

Last updated: August 6, 2018 at 0:28 am

So we’ve already learned in the last lesson “Trying Out WordPress Themes” how to get to the Themes Dashboard or directory. We’ve also learned how to select our options for searching for a theme. So let’s go ahead and actually test out a few themes and see what they look like and also what they do on our new WordPress website.

I’m going select “Lastest” themes and keep scrolling until I find one that catches my attention.

As you can see, I have 6122 themes to scroll through. So let’s do this.

So, I’m scrolling, and scrolling…

Wait! I found something! Yes, I found a theme that comes close to my imagination. It’s called “Synchronization.”

And that’s a screenshot of it right there above. I think if I customize this theme a little bit, it will look great for the hotel website. And that’s something we’re going to touch on in a future lesson: how to customize themes, because it’s very important.

So I’ll go ahead and click on the “Details and Preview” button. A new screen will then load giving details and a preview of the theme.

Towards the top left there is an “Install” button.

So I’ll go ahead and click the Install Button. A button loads which says “Installed!” but disappears after a few seconds.

Then a new button appears which asks me to “Network Enable.”

So I go ahead and click the “Network Enable” button.

A new button now loads which asks me to “Activate” the theme.

So I go ahead and click “Activate.”

And I’m now taken back to my themes Dashboard.

The themes Dashboard shows me that I have two themes installed and they are both Network Enabled.

But if I type in into a browser, it’s still showing the original theme that was there. The new theme I just installed didn’t take effect. That is because, although the new theme is installed onto my WordPress installation, it’s just sitting there. It’s enabled and everything, but it’s just sitting there. There is a new route that I have to take to make this new theme active on the website.

So let’s go ahead and make this theme active on our website. I’ll hover my house over “My Sites.” A set of options will fly out. I will then hover over “The Amazonas Hotel in Lethem,” which is called the “main site” of this WordPress Multisite Installation. Then I’ll click on “Dashboard.”

Now, I’m back in the Dashboard of my main site. I’ll hover over “Appearance” in the left hand column set of options.

Then I’ll click on “Themes.” A new page loads which shows me all the themes that I currently have installed in this WordPress Multisite Network.

As you can see, the 2017 Theme is still active, but I can go ahead and activate the Synchronization Theme. Let’s do this.

The above picture shows the word “Active” written on the 2017 Theme.

To activate the Synchronization theme, I just hover my mouse over it and the “Activate” button will pop up.

I just click it on it, and that’s it, the Synchronization Theme is now active. Let’s reload my home page and watch it take effect.

As you can see, the website now has a whole new look. But guess what, after customization this theme a little bit, I decided that I no longer want it. It’s just not suitable to my tastes and it lacks certain features.

So I’ll go back through the process and search until I find a theme I absolutely love. After that, I’ll teach you how to “customize themes,” which is really simple.

So see you in the next lesson, “Customizing Themes.”

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