Google Adsense: Are you Selling Yourself too Cheap?

Last updated: June 4, 2018 at 20:15 pm
Google Adsense

Does Google Adsense Really Make Sense? Or even cents?

Many newbie webmasters see Google Adsense as a way of making a quick buck. After all, you simply run the code on your pages and when someone clicks, you make a few cents – literally. It could be as low as just one cent per click! But hey, it’s an easy buck – well sort of.

Google Adsense is an enticing monetizing option for webmasters and content creators that can easily sap the vigor out of you. In order to profit from this program, you have to get millions of hits per month. And these hits need to be natural search engine hits. And then, you’d be selling your visitors out for a “dime a dozen.” Literally. It’s the owners of Google who rake in the big bucks with the Google Adsense Program.

Maybe when the Adsense Program first started, it paid a bit more, but I’ve been using adsense for the last 15 years, and I have literally not made a profit.

Google Adsense was an intelligent idea – for those who created it. It drives people to create content with the hopes of generating a lot of traffic and then selling the Adsense clicks to Google.

Unless you’re involving yourself in fraudulent clicks, then you won’t be doing much business in terms of making any kind of money with this program. And you certainly won’t be able to pay the bills. It’s a great dream: Make 1000 USD per month, or make 10,000 USD per month with Google Adsense. But it’s a pipe dream. And when the rubber hits the road you can’t pay the bills with dreams.

So what do you do instead? Here are some suggestions:

Sell an ebook that reminds customers to go back to your site, and what your site is all about.

2. Sell one, just one, high quality product that is relevant to your site.

3. Capture leads by offering them a newsletter or free product download and then email them about a relevant product or service.

Frankly speaking, Adsense works well for all of those flimsy “bounce off me” sites with low quality content. Then I guess it pays to lead visitors away, but not much. I’m still running Adsense to this day but so far I haven’t seen a profit. I guess it’s hard to break out of a dirty habit because, as the saying goes, “a dirty habit is like a comfortable bed.”

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