Say No To Google Adsense?

Last updated: February 14, 2018 at 12:40 pm

money photoMany webmasters and content creators see Google Adsense as a potential way of making a quick buck, but webmaster and entrepreneur Patrick Carpen is taking the path less traveled by. He believes that displaying Google Adsense Ads is like selling your soul to the devil: exchanging a thrifty present gain for an eternity of loss. And, unless you’re one of those click-fraud masters, this is exactly what Google Adsense does to your website: it drives all your hard-won visitors away for a dime a dozen!

I’ve been monitoring traffic stats on my recipes website: for quite some time now. I noticed several surges in traffic which climbed for about one week, then kept dropping. It climbed again and dropped again, climbed again and dropped again, then went back to an all time low. I started to wonder what could be the cause of this. Visitors find my site intriguing; they leave flattering comments. So why don’t site hits keep going up? I poured over the issue for a while and realize that all those Google Adsense blocks might have something to do with it. After all, it diverts all my visitors to competing sites for a penny a click.

I’ve first come across adsense about over a decade ago, when reading up on how to make money on the internet. And I must admit that back then, Google had it going with the Adsense Program. There were LOTS of ads to to be rotated, and they sometimes fetched a high Cost Per Click. Consequently, many webmasters thrived on the Adsense Program. But with the surge of webmasters who had joined Adsense because of the merits of the program, the CPC has been reduced significantly, and unless you own a really huge content network which has a high rapport with the search engines, or your site thrives on user-generated content, or you somehow always get an influx of traffic from organic source, then Google Ads doesn’t make any sense at all.

So how do you monetize your site? Sell a product that reminds customers to come back to your site, for example, an ebook which is branded with your website’s URL. How about a tshirt branded with your company’s name? Or endorse some product relevant to your website, which could bring in a steady stream of income and always remind visitors to keep coming back. Always remember to capture email addresses of visitors when selling or giving things ago.

Very soon, I plan to replace all those Adsense Code Blocks with relevant products that will remind visitors where they purchased it, and where to get more like it. That’s branding, and that’s driving traffic.

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