Testing Out WordPress Themes

In previous lessons, I walked you through installing WordPress Themes into your WordPress Installation.

Once installed and “network activated”, you can switch between these themes with a few clicks of the mouse.

But remember not to keep too many themes installed in your WordPress Dashboard. This is because you can only use one theme at a time for each WordPress. And say you install 100 themes – 99 of which are just lying there – this only takes up space and resources and ultimately clogs up your website.

You should “declutter your life” and delete all themes which you are not using. There is one other complication to having too many themes lying around in your dashboard. Themes often get updated. And while wordpress updates are a great thing, you’ll be bothered daily to run updates for themes you’re not using.

That being said, I have already installed about 15 themes (more of less) in my hotel website’s dashboard. And I’ve done this in the same way I explained in the earlier tutorial on installing themes. I’ve also “network activated” the themes so that they can be used on this WordPress website.

So let’s do this. Let’s go ahead and take a “sneak peak” at what our hotel website would look like using these themes.

But before we do, here are a few screenshots of what our website currently looks like.

So let’s log back into our WordPress Dashboard by typing in:

www.hotelamazonasgy.com/wp-admin, typing in our username and password and clicking “Log In.”

Once inside our Dashboard, go to: Appearance >> Themes in the left hand column menu.

Great, so this gives us a grid-layout view of all the themes have installed and network activated and which are therefore available for us to use on this website.

So I’m going to scroll through this list and look for a theme that looks a bit attractive to me. Ah! There it is! This one looks neat for a hotel website:

As you can see towards the bottom of the theme, the name of this theme is “Beautify.” Each WordPress theme has a name by the way, in case I didn’t mention before.

So let’s test out the beautify theme and see what our website looks like with it. To do that, we have to “activate” it.

First, hover your mouse over your theme and an “Activate” button will appear. Click the Activate Button.

Once you click the Activate button, the new theme should now become active on our website.

So to check it out, let’s take a new browser – that is, a browser on which you’re not signed in. For example, if you’re signed in to WordPress on chrome, pull up an Internet Explorer browser to view the changes as a foreign visitor would.

Above is a screenshot of the new look with the new theme activated. It could get a lot neater than this with a little “customization.” And that’s something you need to learn next, “Customizing Themes,” which will be included in an upcoming lessons.

As I mentioned before, too many themes clutter your WordPress Installation. You need to learn how to delete themes and keep them at a bare minimum. So see you in the next lesson: Deleting Themes from our WordPress Installation.

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