Bring Back the Yahoo! Chatroom Services Please!

Last updated: October 8, 2017 at 16:25 pm

Yahoo! Chatroom

I still insist that there is nothing today like the Yahoo! Chatroom services back in the day.

Can someone bring back the Yahoo! Chatroom Service please? You know, the one we used during the first few years of the new century – around 2000 to 2004?

There’s nothing like it anymore – not even Facebook. Facebook doesn’t come close.

I was talking to my friend Joe – an American evangelist in Guyana – this evening, and we were talking about collaborating on a book I was working on.

“You know this book might spark controversy,” he said. “Now might not be a good time to release a book of this nature….”

“But you know Joe,” I said “I can make the book have a positive impact. We can contrast the first part with the last part. I know how to do that.”

I looked at him. Then I said bluntly, “I know how to write.”

And that’s to put it simply. “I know how to write.”

And this made me remember an old girlfriend of mine from Oklahoma city, whom I had met through a Yahoo! Chatroom. I had met her in a Literature Chatroom. At first we started to criticize each other’s poetry. At first we didn’t like each other. But in the end she fell in love with me.

She said to me “anything you write would be good because you are so talented.”

“And why didn’t you marry that girl?” Joe smiled.

“Because I was young and stupid.” I answered. “And trust me, that’s not my only blunder in life.”

“You’re not alone.”

“You know right.”

But this conversation made me remember even more the good old days of the Yahoo! Chatroom. Yahoo! offered a chatroom service that was swarming with people, fitted into various categories, such as Arts and Literature, Home and Garden, Travel, etc.

And you could log into the Yahoo! Chatroom Service, browse through your favorite chatroom, then single out someone interesting to chat with.

And I remember back in those days how beautifully the chat windows were designed by Yahoo!. I can still see clear as day that orange border along the top.

I can remember that highly audible “ping” which rang out when someone sent you a chat message and you were not on the computer, or you have the chat window down.

And I remember the way the little leaf on the top of the chat window flipped up whenever someone was typing a message.

And you could have multiple chat windows open, juggling between them all.

And I remember Rachel Lacerda, the most beautiful girl from Rio, whom I met in a Yahoo! Chatroom. Where are you now Rachel?

I have so many beautiful memories of the Yahoo Chatroom.

But today. Where has the Yahoo! Chatroom Service gone? And what has it been replaced by?

Facebook? Facebook may have its popularity, and its merits, but it just does not deliver like the Yahoo! Chatroom Service. It just does not connect you with people you really want to meet and talk to, like the Yahoo! Chatroom service did. At least, in my experiences, that seems to be the way things are.

I remember going into a Yahoo! Chatroom around 2004, and found there were lesser and lesser people in it every day. Why this happened I cannot understand. And why Yahoo didn’t build on this already golden service, improving it and making it better, I’ll never know.

What do the young people have in the place of the Yahoo! Chatroom today? Facebook it seems. And Facebook is great. Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is full of “scrolling and scrolling and liking and commenting and sharing wonders.”

But for me, Facebook just doesn’t deliver like the Yahoo! Chatroom Service did. Especially not when it comes to striking up interesting conversations with people who really are at your level of interest and intelligence.

I said to Joe “all I see on Facebook is a bunch of people who can’t spell, and girls posing like they’re trying prove that they have all the right curves in all the right places.”

“Yea,” he laughed.

And then there are the jokes on Facebook like these:

Yahoo! Chatroom

This Facebook joke was supposed to get you cracking up? The Yahoo! Chatroom was for service stuff!

And don’t start talking about makeup faces and color changing technology. And sometimes all you’re seeing are light pixels rearranged to look human.

I mean, Facebook has its groups and so, that you can use to make great things happen.
But try meeting people with similar interests like the Yahoo! Chatroom service did back in the days…. Hmmm -emm.

You will do better finding out what someone had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, their beautiful daughter, wife, sister, handsome son, husband, brother. Off to work. At the park. Having some beers. The fish is on the table. Driving to work.

Relaxing. Chilling. With my hubby. That moment when…the list goes on…. And some really great pictures of girls showing off their backsides.
I mean, you find some really great quotes and so…but you know….

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