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website photoWordPress is a web-developing/web-design tool. For the amateur and professional web designer/developer, WordPress is a good option. Bear in mind that there is a myriad of options when it comes to the resources you can use when building a website, and WordPress is just one of those options.

There are versions of the WordPress software:

  1. WordPress.com – for newbies or nontechnical persons who want to build a simple website or blog using a drag and drop, point and click user interface.
  2. WordPress.org – for the more experienced website builder who understands the complexities behind terms like cpanel, DNS, webhost, softaculous, FTP, etc.

First, let me give you a little background info. The website you are reading this article on is powered by the WordPress software. About 5 years back, I had a vision of building a website with a certain appearance and a set of functionality. I had all worked out in my head. I had a little knowledge of html, css, and javascript, and I could have done a few things on Dreamweaver. But tried as I could, I could not build the website I was dreaming of building, the way I wanted to build it.

I was about to hand over the job to a professional web development company when someone told me about WordPress. Then another person told me, and another. And yes, I was praying about it!

I did some research and found a wonderful site was giving away free IT books in PDF. I downloaded “WordPress: The Missing Manual.” And this book was awesome. By reading this book, and a little help from God, I was able to build this site you are on from scratch.

Yes, WordPress is a great tool if you want to build yourself. It doesn’t call for the world of technical skills, but you must know something. On the other hand, building a great website like this one using WordPress is not a walk in the park like some guys are raving out there: it does call for hard work, studies, dedication, skills, patience and effort. But, WordPress is one of the simplest ways of building a great looking and working website for those who don’t know how to write every bit of code in existence.

Under this heading, I’ll be covering what you need to know in order to build some really great WordPress sites which work the way you want it to.

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