Installing The TablePress Plugin on WordPress

Last updated: August 7, 2018 at 16:24 pm


The TablePress plugin for WordPress is installed in the same way that you install any other WordPress plugin.

The TablePress plugin enables us to create handy tables in the WordPress Dashboard which displays data in a uniform layout. We can then display this data on a website by pasting a simple line of code which references that particular table.

So let’s go ahead and install the TablePress Plugin.

To do that, click on “My Sites >> Network Admin >> Plugins.”

So now we’re the Network Admin’s Plugin Dashboard. This let’s us see what plugins we already have installed as well as installing new ones by clicking the “Add New” Button.

So let’s click the Add New Button. So now the Add Plugins page loads where we can browse for plugins…

Or search by keyword…

Since we already know the name of the plugin we’re looking for, let’s type it into the search bar.

And there it appears at the very top of the search results. So let’s go ahead and click the “Install Now” button and then the “Network Activate” button.

Now a new page loads showing us that our plugin is now installed and network activated.

We can now use the TablePress Plugin to create beautiful tables of information and also embed them on our web pages.

So see you in the next lesson, “Creating a Table Using the TablePress Plugin.”

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