Have Faith in the Sureness and Power of God

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Published: 12th of May, 2023

Last updated: May 12, 2023 at 17:42 pm

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves with our backs against the wall, or, to put it another way, at the edge of the cliff. And in these times, we may start to panic. Fear tends to step in. But it is in times like these that we must remember the timeless truth: when God pushes you to the edge of the cliff, He will either catch you or teach you how to fly. Sometimes in life, we have to do what seems impossible to man. But we can only do that with faith in the sureness and power of God.

You’re not alone. Many great men and women throughout history have come to the edge of the cliff or found themselves with their backs against the wall. David writes in the book of Psalms, “I was sinking in deep mire, where there was no one to pull me out. But I called upon the name of the Lord, and he delivered me.” This brings to mind the accompanying text, “The Lord is our strength and refuge, a very present help in trouble.”

But a poignant reality is stark here: in times of deep distress, humans tend to turn their backs on their fellow man. This may be due to their unwillingness or their genuine inability, or a combination of both. You may find that all your friends, and even your family, desert you. “…where there was “no man” to pull me out.” Flesh and blood is weak. And God warns us against putting our trust in flesh and blood. The bible also tells us that heart of man is desperately wicked. You might be amazed at who are secretly praying for your downfall, or who are secretly joyful when it happens to you. That is why God warns us to “put our trust in no flesh.” That is not to say that God will never work through humans to send help to us. He will. And often, he may do so through the least expected vessel. Remember, when Moses’ mother was forced to abandon him, God sent the Pharoah’s daughter to rescue him. When God’s grace is over your life, even your enemies will work in your favor.

In times of great distress, we must call upon God, and he will answer us. He will deliver us. The bible tells us that “God is close to all who call upon him.” And that “he hears the cry of the righteous.” When you call upon God in times of trouble, you must have faith in His sureness and power. Then He will direct your steps and show you the way to deliverance. God will show you a path out, but you must have unshakable faith in his power to deliver. Remember that God acts in different ways in different times, and that His ways are higher than the ways of man.

When Moses found himself before the Red Sea, God instructed him to “put forth his rod.” And through this act of obedience which demonstrated faith in His sureness and power, God parted the waters of the Red Sea. Usually, stretching forth a rod doesn’t part waters, but in this case, it worked because of Moses’ faith in the sureness and power of God and his obedience to the voice of God. At another time. God told Moses to strike a rock, and water came gushing forth from the rock. This usually doesn’t happen, and chances are, if you strike a rock, water will not gush forth from it – unless God tells you to. In times of trouble, God will give you a command. You must follow it to the letter with unshakeable faith. Just have faith in the sureness and power of God. This will be the channel through which He delivers you.

Do you find your back against the wall? Call upon the name of the Lord. Have faith in His sureness and power. And do as He tells you to. Through your faith in the sureness and power of God, He will part the sea before you and bring water from a rock in your dry desert.

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