God Made this Beautiful World for a Purpose

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There is a saying that goes, “God made this beautiful world for a purpose, and God made this world beautiful for a purpose.”

There we have a play on words: “beautiful world” and “world beautiful.” We’re using the same two words in different arrangements to mean something slightly different. If I say, “God made this world beautiful for a purpose,” it suggests that God made the world; he made it beautiful; and he made for a purpose. On the other hand, if I said, “God made this beautiful world for a purpose,” it suggests that God made this world; the world is beautiful; and God made it for a purpose.

The first expression, “God made this beautiful world for a purpose,” places emphasis on the fact that the world is beautiful. And the second expression, “God made this world beautiful for a purpose” places emphasis on the thought that God put effort into the beautification of the world.

And it is true. The world is beautiful because it was made beautiful by God. But God didn’t just make beautiful sceneries, animals, plants, flowers etc. He also made beautiful laws to govern human behavior. These are powerful, inescapable, all-encompassing laws which regulate life on earth. God created a “cause and effect” system and a “reward and punishment” system and left it in “orbit” just as the planets orbit the sun. On one hand, positive actions result in positive reward, while negative actions result in negative reward. People all over the world have observed that if they do something bad to someone, something bad happens to them, and if they do something good, something good happens to them. People often refer to this as Karma, but the bible sums it up as, “God is not mocked, but as a man sows, so shall he reap.”

In life, we reap what we sow. That is why we should sow good seeds if we wish to reap positive rewards. Everyone has the potential inside of them to do something that will made the world a better place. Some people reading this article are potential engineers, while others are potential plumbers, masons, carpenters, woodworkers, writers, doctors, musicians, etc. You have to look for your inner strength and powers and harness them for your own benefit and the benefit of others.

Remember, God made this world beautiful for a purpose, and you can do your part in making it even more beautiful. That’s why He put you here.

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