Who Broke the Walls of Jericho?

During British colonization of Guyana, it was compulsory that religious education be a part of the school curriculum; but the Guyanese never liked to do this. They would report that they are teaching the bible to the students, but in practice, never did.

One day, the British sent an official to check. The official asked the headteacher what was the position on religious education in his school.

“We are very strict in implementing religious education in all our classes, sir, and all the syllabuses have been covered thus far” was the headteacher’s response.

The official nodded and went off to talk to the students. Arriving at the first class he asked “In the bible story, can anyone tell me who broke the walls of Jericho”? The class was mute. No one knew the answer.

The official went from class to class, asking the same question, but no student was able to answer.

The official returned a but frustrated to the headteacher and said “Sir, I asked the entire school ‘who broke the walls of Jericho’ and no one could answer me”.

The headteacher, looking a bit alarmed responded. “Sir, I will call an assembly right now and make sure that whoever did this is found and flogged right away!”.

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