PC Hotels for Sale

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Last updated: July 4, 2018 at 19:36 pm

galaxy photoPatrick Carpen last Friday announced that he will selling out his chain of PC Hotels worldwide. He says he is asking for 50 Trillion US dollars and said that he already has several interested buyers.

When questioned by NCN channel 7 about why he is selling out the international chain of 5 star hotels which he himself developed and branded, he responded by saying that he is “moving on to bigger things.”

But what could that possibly mean? When asked what he meant by “bigger things” in this context, Mr. Carpen announced that he will be developing an inter-galactic space playground where humans and aliens can meet and hangout for a few days.

The intergalactic space playground will be build ten light years outside of earth’s atmosphere. It will be about 50,000 miles in diameters and surrounded by an “invisible shell.” Synthetic breathable oxygen will be autonomously replicated through advanced technology which will be confined to the space station.

The entry fee for both humans and aliens, including aliens from this and other galaxies, who wish to visit the intergalactic playground for a three-night period will be 1 pound of raw gold.

It is estimated through a business projection which included questionnaires both terrestrially and intergalactically that there will be approximately 5000 visitors per night at the intergalactic playground.

At the intergalactic playground, humans, martians and all classes and conditions of aliens from all over the universe will have an opportunity to converge, converse, share ideas, play games and just enjoy the peaceful tranquility and unapologetic realism of the beauties of the heavenly bodies.

It’s time for the true stargazing.

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