The White Child and the Black Sheep

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sheep photoAn African farmer in the country of Uganda had ten beautiful black children. However, the 11th child turned out to be a beautiful white child.

The farmer walked in a rage for 20 kilometers to a neighboring village and met with the white missionary priest there. He said, “Sir, my 11th child was born white, and you’re the only white man within a 200 km radius. Now I demand you give me an explanation!”

“Calm down,” replied the priest. “You see, there are some things in life so mysterious that only God knows the answer to them. Look at that flock of sheep for example, they are all white except for that one black sheep among them. So you see, it’s nothing extra-ordinary if one of your children is born white.”

The African farmer fell silent for a while. Then he said to the priest, “OK sir, I’ll go home and I’ll be quiet about white child.”

Then, even more quietly, he whispered into the priest’s ear, “and in return, you’ll be quiet about the black sheep.”

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