The Rise of China

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Last updated: January 26, 2020 at 11:37 am
china photo

This article seeks to examine why the Chinese are doing WAY BETTER THAN AMERICANS (and the fact is that the Chinese ARE doing way better than Americans).

In fact, the US is literally BEGGING THE CHINESE to revalue their currency–the Chinese YAUN–because the value of the currency is way below what it could be.

But the Chinese Emperor just refused because he wants to keep the Chinese working harder and harder so that the Chinese can get richer and richer.

I mentioned in my other article with the same title (The Rise of China) that when I went to Brazil with two Chinese nationals, they kept spending like crazy and saying “money no problem.” And, contrary to popular (and my) opinion, they said they didn’t see any beautiful girl (that they like) in Brazil.

And talking about girls, when American girls were busy trying to decide what lipstick to use, the Chinese girls, already having realized that they have naturally beautiful lips, where busy working in the assembly lines of lipstick factories, so that American girls can paint their lips for cheap. All the while, the cash flows to China.

After the Chinese teenagers have had a hard day of study in school, they set out for a hard day of work in the various fields. Can you tell an American teenager to do this? Especially on Friday night, when they’re on a “date”? Fuggetaboutit.

Chinese can now produce everything from a pin to an anchor and they are dominating the world market. Now the whole world is complaining that “cheap Chinese goods” are flooding their markets. But the fact is, it is “HIGH QUALITY” Chinese goods. And all this happened while Niki Minoj was busy doing butt implants to make some Annaconda happy back in the USA.

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