Guyanese Man Dies After Drinking Brazilian Coffee

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Last updated: November 5, 2017 at 2:49 am
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The Powdered Coffee is made from the coffee bean. This is then boiled in water and strained with the “coador” in making the coffee beverage. However, if you make it too strong and drink too much, you could be in serious trouble!

A Guyanese man has died this morning after making and drinking his own Brazilian coffee. Patrick Carpen was always a fanatic for Brazilian coffee. He said that Brazilian coffee lifts the spirit and puts him in a good mood. In fact, he wrote in one article that he “wakes up for the smell of Brazilian coffee.”

He usually would purchase his coffee at the nearby cafe, or wherever he could get them for free, as he wrote in an article, “in Brazil, the coffee is free.”

However, the problem is when he attempted to brew his own coffee using the “coador.” In a recent article, he was attempting to explain how to make Brazilian coffee using the coador. Did you know that Brazilians hardly drink instant coffee? Anyway, he decided to get down to the business. After reading the instructions which said to add 2 spoons of coffee grain to 1 litre of water, Patrick Carpen decided that it was better to add four spoons.

In addition to that, instead of adding the coffee when the water started to bubble. He put in the cold water and boiled it for 1 hour. Then he let it draw for another hour. Then he used the coador to strain the coffee into a flask.

He was so excited about making his very own Brazilian coffee that he offered his girlfriend a cup. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), she was at the time sipping a beer, so she refused. After sipping the cup to halfway, the man started to smile and dance, his girlfriend said, saying that this was the best coffee he had ever had. But after drinking the entire cup, he fell to the ground.

He was rushed to the Joquim Santos Hospital in Boa Vista where he was pronounced dead before arrival. An autopsy revealed that the man died from a hemmoridge secondary to too much caffeine in the system.

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