Balgobin Singh, the Princess and the Donkey

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donkey photoOnce, there was a king who had a beautiful daughter. The princess had a pet donkey which she loved very much. There was just one problem: the donkey always appeared to be sad, and this made the princess sad too.

The king then put out a notice to the public: whoever could make the donkey laugh would marry the princess. Many people tried all kinds of tricks to no avail: the donkey would still appear sad. Then, one day, Balgobin Singh approached the king with the proposal that he would make the donkey laugh. He took the donkey into a room and whispered something into its ears. The donkey burst out laughing hilariously and never stopped.

So Balgobin Singh married the princess. But now there was another problem: the donkey would not stop laughing. So the king put out another notice: whoever would make the donkey stop laughing would get half of the kingdom.

Many people both young and old tried to no avail. Then Balgobin Singh made the proposal once again: that he would make the donkey stop laughing. Once again, Balgobin Singh took the donkey into a room and closed the doors. Everyone waited outside and could have still heard the donkey laughing hiliariously. Then suddenly, the donkey choked its laughter, and there was silence. Balgobin Singh and the donkey subsequently walked out of the room with serious faces.

As promised, the king handed over half of the Kingdom to Balgobin Singh. Years passed, and one day, the king, being old and knew that he would die soon, called Balgobin Singh to try to inquire of the tactics he had used to make the donkey laugh, and also to make it stop laughing.

“What did you do to make the donkey laugh in the first place?” the King asked Balgobin Singh curiously.

Balgobin Singh smiled and responded, “well King, I whispered in the donkey’s ears that I have a bigger penis than it does.”

The King burst out laughing for several minutes. “That is indeed so funny,” laughed the King.

Struggling to contain his laughter, the king then asked Balgobin Singh, “and how did you make it stop laughing?”

“I took out my penis and showed the donkey that I wasn’t joking,” replied Balgobin Singh.

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