Payment of Any Amount

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A typical Guyanese 1000 dollars note.

A Guyanese man went to the store to purchase a motorcycle. The sales clerk told him that the motorcycle costs 300,000 Guyanese dollars.

“OK, I’ll take it,” the man said.

So the sales clerk directed him to the cashier to make the payment.

“300,000,” said the cashier.

“Sure,” said the man. “Here you go,” as he handed the cashier a 5000 dollars bill.

“But this is only 5000 dollars,” said the cashier in amusement.

“Well, you can use that for the entire 300,000,” said the man.

“What do you mean?” asked the cashier.

“Don’t you know how to read?” exclaimed the man, holding up the note in front of the cashier. “Look, skin your big eyes and see here, it says ‘these notes are legal tender for the payment of ANY AMOUNT’!”

The above is an original joke created and copyrighted by Patrick Carpen. All rights reserved.

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