Man Goes to Police to Report Theft – Turns Out to be Facebook Game

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Note that sensitive personal information has been blurred out at the request of the NYPD

Facebook is starting to cause some real trouble. A man from Brooklyn, United States, this Saturday (25 January 2020) showed up at the NYPD to report that his next door neighbor has stolen $287,500 from him.

“Things are tough these days,” Rajendra Persaud, a migrant from Punjab, India told the police. “I have lots of bills to pay…light bill, phone bill… And it’s not easy to loose all that money. He can pay it back in parts, I don’t mind, as long as he pays it back.”

When asked to produce the evidence that the neighbor stole that sum of money, the man pulled up his mobile phone from his pocket, opened messenger and showed this:

Needless to say, everyone started laughing.

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