Wife – The Stupid Phone

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Last updated: July 31, 2018 at 5:34 am

cellphone photoNowadays, there are “smartphones” which attempt to predict and correct our text when we type. However, those smartphones often make such blatant errors, inputting text that we never intended, that we are tempted to think it’s a stupid phone, and we want to take it straight to the maker and shove it up his arse.

Here is one such story.

A man texted his neighbor one morning. It read like this.

Hi Mr. Richards, Something has been bothering my mind for some time now and I can’t keep it in me any longer. I have to confess the truth: I have been using your wife every day when you leave for work without you knowing. I know this is sneaky and terrible of me, but the truth is, I have not been getting any at home for the last few months. That is why I had to resort to this practice. Nevertheless, please let’s work out a payment plan for this service if possible so I won’t be using your wife for free or without your permission any more.

Mr. Richards, in a deadly rage, picked up his shot gun, stormed over this neighbor’s house and shot him.

He then went back to his house, picked up his phone and read the final message from Mr. Dixon, “sorry, my stupid phone’s auto correct kept changing “wifi” to “wife.”

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