The Lawyer’s Truth

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lawyer photoIf you can tell the truth like a lawyer, you won’t see a need to lie.

Here is one example.

A laywer saw an amazing apartment to rent for a great price. The apartment was located very close to the sea with access to a beautiful swimming pool. He really loved and wanted to live there.

There was one problem. There was a stipulation that the tenant should not have more than 2 children. The lawyer had twelve children.

The lawyer applied for the apartment and was called for an interview. He set out at 10 AM on Monday morning.

But before he did, he told his wife to take 11 children and go put some flowers on his great grandfather’s grave in the nearby cemetery.

He took one child with him to meet the landlord. The landlord asked the lawyer how many children he had.

“Twelve,” the lawyer answered.

“And where are the other eleven?” asked the landlord.

The lawyer bent his head down sadly and responded, “Well, they’re in the cemetery with their mother.”

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