The Devil At Sea

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Last updated: February 18, 2018 at 0:09 am

sea photoA Trinidadian man, a Jamaican man and a Guyanese man were traveling on a ship at sea when the devil appeared to them. The devil said to them, “throw anything into the ocean. If I can find it, I will eat it you, but if I can’t find it, I will be your slave.”

The Trinidad man threw in a diamond ring. It sunk to the bottom of the ocean even as the ship moved away. The devil dived under the ocean and resurfaced after 20 minutes, holding the diamond ring in his hand. So he ate the Trinidadian man.

The Jamaican man, hoping to outdo the devil, took out his gold ring and threw it with all his might, as far as he could, into the ocean. The devil once again plunged into the ocean and dived below the surface of the water. He returned up about 30 minutes later but with the gold ring in his hand. So he ate the Jamaican man also.

Now it was the Guyanese man’s turn. He took a bottle of water and emptied into the ocean. Then he said to the devil, “find that.”

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