Welcome to Humour by Patrick Carpen

Humour is any depiction, narrative, story etc, which is intended mainly¬†to provoke laughter and amusement. The Americans spell it “humor” and the British spell it “humour” and that’s another story altogether. I chose the British spelling because I was educated primarily in a former British territory – even though I have more American influence. Nevertheless, both spellings are equally acceptable.

Humour is important to human life; there is evidence that God does have a sense of humour. When King David, the legendary biblical king was under enemy attack, he wrote in his Psalms, “The Lord shall have them in derision; He who sits in the most high shall laugh”.

Indeed, from all appearances, it would appear that God does laugh at the plans of men from time to time; especially if those plans are not in keeping with God’s will, as it says in bible “why do the heathen rage…and the people imagine a vain thing”? I know what you’re thinking: enough preaching!

Coming back to the point, we’re here to get you laughing, at serious matters and not so serious matters as well, at clean stories and dirty jokes, so click a link on your left to get started. Oops! Sorry, not there yet!

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