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A Trip to Araputa Valley – North Rupununi – Guyana

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A Trip to Aranaputa Valley

My trip to Aranaputa Valley in the year 2015 was a refreshing one, and I learned quite a few interesting things about this beautiful land of Guyana. One that I remember in particular is the rich fertile soil of the Rupununi Savannahs which seems highly suited for citrus farming.

I also stopped in at the Rock View Lodge which is just 5 minutes away from the Annai Airstrip. The Rock View Lodge, owned and operated by Mr. Collin Edwards, provides an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in an environment which reflects a thousand years of indigenous history.

When you pass by Annai, be sure to stop at the Rock View Eco Lodge in Annai.

I really enjoyed the breathtaking view of the beautiful mountains and plains, and the beautiful savannahs – not to mention, the beautiful flower plants.

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