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Nigg Settlement

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Last updated: February 22, 2018 at 1:45 am

sugar cane photoNigg Settlement, or Nigg Village, is a village or settlement along the Corentyne Coast of Guyana. It is inhabited mostly by people of East Indian descent who came to Guyana to work on the sugar plantations as indentured laborers after the abolition of slavery.

There are approximately 3000 people living in the village of Nigg. The religious beliefs and practices of the people in the village of Nigg are evenly distributed between the three main religious beliefs of Guyana: Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Main economic activities in the village of Nigg include retail shops, hardware stores, fishing and farming. There are very little manufacturing activities in the village of Nigg. Most of the people in the village of Nigg earn their living by working at the Albion Sugar Estate.

The village of Nigg is bordered by the Corentyne River to the North, the village of Hampshire to the east, the village of Albion to the west, and the sugar cane fields to the south.

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