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The Takutu Hotel Annual Miss Rupununi Rodeo Pageant

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Last updated: April 10, 2020 at 19:27 pm


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The Takutu Hotel Annual Rupununi Rodeo Pageant.

Do you know about the Annual Takutu Hotel Miss Rupununi Rodeo Pageant? It is held every year on Good Friday – on the Easter Weekend. Then, on Saturday, there is the Rodeo performances at the Tabatinga Sports Ground (Triple R).

The Rodeo Continues into Sunday. There is also the Sand Creek and the Bonfim Rodeo.

During the Pageant, about seven beautiful Rupununi young women compete for the crown of the Miss Rupununi Rodeo. Click the link above to learn more. And be sure to visit our homepage: Guyana, South America.

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