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Lethem Town Week – First Ever – October, 2017

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Last updated: December 1, 2022 at 22:06 pm
In Preparation for Lethem Town Week 2017. The road along the Lethem Commerical Highway no longer looks like the Grand Canyon.  Lots of grading took place. We’re good to go!

The newly declared town of Lethem is celebrating it’s first ever Lethem Town Week, beginning on Sunday, 15th of October, 2017, and I am right here on the spot to capture all the exciting details.

First of all, a LOT of work has gone into preparations for this much anticipated and celebrated events. The Mayor and Town Council, backed by the Government, various Lethem Businessmen as well as community members has poured a lot of time, money and energy into upgrading the newly declared town of Lethem for this landmark event: the first ever Annual Lethem Town Week Celebrations.

Only a few months ago, parts of the road along the main commercial roadway in Lethem was so badly deteriorated, with such huge potholes, that volunteer Remote Area Medical pilot Joe commented “this is like the Grand Canyon.”

Joe and I were driving down the badly broken road along the main commercial roadway of Lethem, just in front of Savannah Inn Supermarket, when Joe said “hold on there Patrick, we’re going through the Grand Canyon now.”

And indeed, that’s how bad the road was up to that time, but now, you should see it today, 15th of October, 2017, all flat and level, ready to give a red-carpet welcome to all visitors from near and far who will be visiting Lethem for the Town Week celebrations, and not forgetting our Brazilian friends from right across the southern border.

At first while they were building the road, the dust was overwhelming, and all the residents started complaining, but I guess they are preparing to tar it, so the “growing pains” will be well worth it.

The Lethem Town Week kicked off with a male and female all-ages bicycle race from the Takutu River Bridge down several streets to a finishing point in Lethem. My friend, Marissa Charlie, took part in the event, and the whole of Lethem thought she was going to win the race, but guess what, her chain slipped and she had to drop out.

On the afternoon of the first day, 15th of October, 2017, there will be a road race, male and female separately, with prizes to be won. So, the Lethem Town Week Celebrations are kicking off with a bang.

Preparing for the Lethem Town Week 2017. This is right in front of the Amazonas Hotel.
The Amazonas Hotel all decked out for Lethem Town Week 2017.
Work in progress for Lethem Town Week, 2017. As you can see, “sponsored by Republic Bank.”
Fitness Walk – one of the events that kicked off the first day of Lethem Town Week 2017.
Fitness Walk – one of the events that kicked off the first day of Lethem Town Week, 2017.
Fitness Walk in progress – First Day of Lethem Town Week 2017.
Well what do we have here? Lethem Town Week 2017 preparations.
In preparation for Lethem Town Week 2017.
Lethem Town Week 2017 – List of events for all to view.
A view to behold – preparation works.
Men’s cycle road race in action – Day 1

I will be posting as many photos and as much information as possible. Stay tuned for updates.

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