The Berbice River Bridge

I miss the good old days of boarding the Ferry named “The Torani” to travel across the Berbice River, of standing on the upper floor and looking down on the gentle waters below, of feeling the wind touch my face and move gracefully through my hair as the boat sets into motion and I’m gracefully pushed to the other side of the river.

I remember looking out at the slowly retracting wharf and the outline of trees on the waterfront; the beautiful clouds above, and the majestic waters below.

And even though at times it was necessary to wait for hours for the gate to open after purchasing a ticket, the serenity of crossing the Berbice River on the turtle-back ferry made it worth the while.

With the advent of the much longed-for and anticipated Berbice River Bridge, the boat became obsolete for most people, and now, we’re whizzed across the river in the vehicle of choice in a fraction of the time it once took by boat.

The Berbice River Bridge is a suspension bridge and it opens for about 45 minutes, two times daily to allow boats that traverse that part of the river to pass.

Today, there is little to complain about when it comes to crossing the Berbice River, but whether the convenience of moving across the river at will with little to no impediment is worth the loss of a priceless experience – sailing slowly and admiring the beauty of nature – I’ll never be able to decide.

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