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The Village of Williamsburg – Corentyne, Berbice

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This article was last updated on the 16th February, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

The village of Williamsburg, in the county of Berbice is located just east of the village of Hampshire and west of the town of Rose Hall. In other words, Williamsburg is bordered by Hampshire Village to the west, Rose Hall Town to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the sugar cane fields to the south.

Some years back, the village of Williamsburg was declared to be an extension of the town of Rose Hall by authorities. The Corentyne Highway or Public Road which winds its way some two miles off the coast of the Atlantic, cuts through the village of Williamsburg, dividing it into north (of the Public Road) and south (of the Public Road).

The estimated population of the village of Williamsburg stands at about 1000. About 70 percent of the population are cane-cutters and other sugar estate laborers. About 10 percent are teachers and other civil servants; 10 percent are office workers; 5 percents are skilled workers; and the other 5 percent are students and businessmen.

Commercial Activities in the village of Williamsburg

There are no factories or major farming activities in the village of Williamsburg. There are a few clothing stores, a popular auto-spares store called Lewison’s General Store, a few other general stores and mini marts. A small fraction of the population engage in gardening and animal rearing.

The racial composition of the people of Williamsburg village are as follows, approximately: 90 percent East Indians; 5 percent Africans; 5 percent mixed races.

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