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PC Speedup – Cleanup and Antivirus Services

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Is your computer running slowly, freezing and locking up intermittently?

Your computer may be “suffering” from a corrupted registry, too much registry junk, internet junk, excessive chat history logs, system junk, invalid shortcuts, overloaded startup programs, and even viruses.

Let an authorizeed professional clean up and secure your personal computer for you.

Call us today: 672 -9748 (Whatsapp available).

Unlicensed or pirated antiviruses can leave your computer vulnerable.

The free versions of most antivirus can only offer so much in terms of protection. In order to get the best of an antivirus program, you need an original license key which will entitle you to unlimited updates. Pirated licenses can leave your antivirus disabled or dysfunctional.

Let us install industry standard antivirus software with an original license on your computer.

We are authorized reseller of the following antivirus software:

What are you waiting for?

Call us today on: 672-9748 (Whatsapp Available).

Total cost for installing antivirus software with original license = $6000.00 GYD.

Just getting a Personal Computer is not enough. Protecting it is just as important.

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