The Takutu River Bridge

This page was first published on the 7th of December, 2016 and last updated on the 6th of May, 2017 by Patrick Carpen.

An aerial view of the Takutu River Bridge crossing the Takutu River. Photo Thanks To: Miss Yvette Archer. Used with permission. See below for more pictures.

The Takutu River Bridge was constructed in the year 2009 as initiative between the governments of Guyana and Brazil.

Since then, travel between the two countries has been very much streamlined. And so has cultural exchange. Everyday, hundreds of Guyanese and Brazilians alike use the bridge to visit each others’ country and return home. Brazilians drive over to purchase cheap merchandise from Chinese and other businesses in Lethem, and Guyanese travel to Boa Vista to purchase Brazilian products that are rear to find.

Aside from that, the bridge has facilitated greater trade between the two countries. Consequently, many consumer items and food items are imported from Brazil. It is often cheaper than to buy from Georgetown.

The Bridge, which is a classical architectural achievement that will last for centuries to come, pays homage to the differences in driving rules of the two countries. Brazilians drive on the right hand side of the road while Guyanese drive on the left. When traveling to Brazil from Guyana, all you have to do is follow the arrows, and the bridge’s intelligent design will land you on the “right” hand side of the road once you cross over into Brazil. You will also see a big sign that reads “respect the right hand drive”.

If you stand on top of the Takutu River Bridge, you can see the world, literally. You can look down into the tranquil waters of the ever flowing Takutu River. You can see outlines of various parts of the town of Lethem and a little bit of Bonfim.

Remember that Lethem and Bonfim are neighboring towns. But even though they are only a meters away from each other, if you travel from one to the other, you have crossed over into a whole new country. And today, the Takutu River Bridge makes that remarkably easy.

When you visit Lethem, remember to cross the Takutu River Bridge. Remember, this is one small bridge for a man, one giant bridge for mankind.

A shot of The Takutu River Bridge which links Guyana to Brazil.

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