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Kaicumbay – North Rupununi Savannas

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A Trip to Kaikumbay Village in the Central Rupununi Savannahs of Guyana

In the year 2015, I visited Kaicumbay Village in the Central Rupununi Savannahs of Guyana. In the above article, I document my experience going and coming back. If you want to learn about the indigenous way of live and living conditions in Kaicumbay Village, click the link above to read the story. You will also learn how to get there and about some activities you can do there.

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Luana Primus
Luana Primus
May 16, 2018 8:43 pm

I really do love this place and it means alot to was less developed than what you family and I spent 5 years (2006-2011). My mom was the head teacher but unfortunately we moved. I have alot of memory there and the people taught me alot. I promise to someday give back to the village and contribute to its development. I love this place dearly and I know what your experience was like.thank you sooo much for uploading. It means alot to me. I really do like your ideas and hope you work towards it. Maybe we will… Read more »