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The Digicel Mobile Phone Services

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This article has been migrated to: The Digicel Mobile Phone Services on the Guyana, South America official website.

The Digicel Mobile Communications Services is one of the two main mobile phone services presently operating in Guyana.

Although Digicel is not a Guyanese company, it has recently expanded its operations into Guyana.

Digicel offers mobile phones and communications services to customers in Guyana, rivaling the services offered by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Users of the Digicel service may purchase cell phones from any digicel office with or without a “SIM”. A SIM may also be purchased from the Digicel office and inserted into a phone purchased from a Digicel office or elsewhere.

Users may make use of “top up” services which inputs “talk time” or “phone credit” into a user’s phone number electronically. The top up service is available throughout Guyana and may be performed by a special machine, or a simple cell phone which was signed up as a “reseller” or calling credit.

Users may also purchase “phone cards” which contain a hidden “pin” number. Scratching gently, the pin number is revealed to the person who has purchased the card. A special code is used to input credit from a card through the card’s pin number into a person’s mobile phone number. To enter credit into a Digicel phone from a Digicel card dial *121*cardpin# and then press the “send” button.

Digicel phone cards are available in denominations of 220, 500 and 1000 Guyana dollars.

If the owner of a Digicel phone fails to input credit into his or her number for four consecutive months, the SIM expires and the number can longer be used until it is reassigned to the same or another person. The person whose SIM has expired will have to contact Digicel if he or she wishes to regain use of a Digicel cellular phone number.

Owners of Digicel phone numbers may use their cell phones to send text messages to other Digicel cell phones, as well as send text messages to numbers of the rival GT&T mobile phone services.

Users of Digicel numbers may inquire as to the amount of credit left in their mobile phone account by dialing *120#.

Persons who purchase Digicel phone credit must use it within 90 days or it expires and is wasted.

Users of Digicel mobiles services may send phone credit to another Digicel mobile phone number. To send phone credit to another digicel phone, dial: *128*person’snumber*amount you wish to send# and then press the “send” button.

Users of Digicel mobile services may inquire what their phone number is (in case they forgot) by dialing *129#.

Users of Digicel mobile services may “borrow” phone credit from Digicel in emergency situations. This credit will be extracted from their account the next time they purchase phone credit. To borrow credit from Digicel, dial *141# and then the “send” button.

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