Tell or Tale?

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Last updated: September 3, 2018 at 19:04 pm

mirror photoOne of the reasons why Brazilians have a hard time learning English pronunciation, and vice versa, is the stark differences in vowel sounds.

For example, the Brazilians would never pronounce a sharp “i.” The vowel “i” would always be pronounced “ee.”

So, when Brazilians see “hi,” they automatically think “he.”

In the same way, the letter “e” is pronounced like “a” in many instances. For example, “espelho = ace-pale-yo. (Mirror)

So, if Brazilians see the word “tell,” they might say something like “tale.”

You may find it funny that two languages have such varied pronunciations, but what if I told you that the English Language has similar contradictions within its own words? Read my article “how is that even possible” to learn more.

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