Paying A “Boleta” at the “Banco”

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In Brazil, when we generate an expense through an online purchase, shopping even utility bills, we may choose to pay these with a credit card online or print a “boleta” which can be paid at the “banco.”

Boleta = bill

Banco = bank

today, I went to pay a boleta at the banco. The name of the banco was “Caixa Economica” which roughly translates to “saving box.” What a creative name for a banco!

The bank usually closes at 2 PM, so I had to hurry to get there on time. When I arrived, I walked in and passed through the X-ray security door. Then I went to get my “senha.”

Senha = password, key etc.

My senha was “caixa 378.” So I sat down and looked at the screen flashing the “senha” of whose next. Soon mine appeared: Caixa 378: guiche: 24. That means that the person with senha 378 has to go to teller 24.

I got up and went to the teller and I successfully paid the bill and received a “recibo.”

Recibo = receipt.

Note, when we go to a bank in the English world, we may retrieve a “number” which places us in an organized line. We have different words for several concepts that are named by the same word “senha” in Portuguese.

Example: password = senha.

number (which allows entry to somewhere) = senha.

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