Tchau or Adeus – Goodbye

Last updated: February 4, 2018 at 21:09 pm

goodbye photoThe words for “goodbye” in Portuguese are “tchau” or “adeus,” but what’s the difference between these two words?

When do you use tchau and when do you use adeus?

My friend Emerson from Sao Paulo, who happens to be a professional English teacher and is fluent in both English and Portuguese, explained to me the difference between these two words.

He told me that the word “tchau” is used to say goodbye to someone when you expect to see them around again soon. But the word adeus is used when it’s like a sort of “goodbye” forever, or for a very long time.

So, if you’re seeing someone off to an airplane heading for another country, and they perhaps will not come back again, I guess you will say, “adeus.”

And when you’re telling someone goodbye after a long chat or a social gathering, you may say, “tchau.”

That’s all for now. Tchau.

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