Poliana – An Adorable Television Series

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First Published: 1st of February, 2022

Last updated: February 1, 2022 at 18:39 pm

Learning Portuguese Through Brazilian Film and TV

After you reach a level of vocabulary in the Portuguese language, watching Brazilian movies, news, and TV series is a great way to build your vocabulary, condition yourself to the Brazilian accent, and get a hang of the language.

Interestingly, Brazil has a thriving film industry that very few people outside of Brazil know about. That is because, aside from Brazil, only a few other countries around the world speak Portuguese. Nevertheless, the Brazilian film industry has produced some of the world’s best movies and television series. The stories are intriguing, the videography excellent, and the actors outstanding.

In this article, I will recommend one I absolutely love.


Polina tells the story of little girl who moves to her aunt’s house after her parents died. When she arrived, she was poorly received by her rich aunt, Luisa, who gave her an old room downstairs and said curtly that she was only doing what she was obligated to do.

Poliana, however, has a charming personality and is annoyingly insistent and amazingly resilient. After many days of being a nuisance to aunt Luisa, she breaks her down slowly and aunt Luisa finally starts to develop a fondness for Poliana. The manner in which aunt Luisa first received Poliana made me shiver, but when Poliana made aunt Luisa laugh for the first time, it touched my soul.

Then there is the story of two teenaged girls fussing over one guy, a funny, loveable, old grandmother who exaggerates her condition dramatically, a mysterious middle aged man who never talks to anyone and much more. A little homeless boy who escaped an abusive father finds favor in the eyes of Poliana who goes out of her way to help him.

Poliana is a television series full of suspense and animation that will have your hooked – in a healthy way of course.

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