Learning Portuguese with Marcia Macedo

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Marcia Macedo is a really great Portuguese for Foreign speakers teacher. She has a growing Youtube channel that has clocked over 151,000 subscribers as of May, 2021. Marcia lives in Curitiba, one of Brazil’s most beautiful southern cities.

One of the drawbacks of learning Portuguese with Marcia Macedo is that she presents her lessons in 100% Portuguese. Nevertheless, this could also be an advantage since you get to hear more Portuguese. Needless to say, you need to be at the level where you can understand spoken Portuguese in order to take advantage of Portuguese by Marcia Macedo.

We strongly recommend that, after using our vocabulary building courses, you take advantage of listening to Marcia’s YouTube videos. The great thing is that you can listen to her videos while performing other routine tasks such as washing, cooking etc.

Under this heading, I’ll be transcribing some of Marcia’s Youtube Videos to make them easier to understand. Stay tuned and have fun.