The Watermelon-Banana Juice Project

The Watermelon-Banana juice project by Patrick Carpen

This article was last updated on the 25 January, 2015.

When I came to the small town of Lethem in the Rupununi Savannas of Guyana, I found that two fruits were very cheap and available in great abundance: bananas and watermelon.

(Bear in mind that Lethem was not officially a town at the time of this writing.)

It was for this reason that I decided to investigate the watermelon-banana juice drink which would bring revenue to the pockets of the Guyanese, taste to their lips and refreshment to their hearts.

In order to successfully carry out this project I would need containers: which could be plastic bottles, glass bottles or tins in which to present the finished product.

I would need a corking (if bottles are used) or a canning (if tins are used) facility. A very attractive label for the bottles or printing for the tin will be designed.

I will also need a very very good recipe for watermelon-banana juice with a shelf life of at least one year.


Marketing may be a bit of a challenge. At present Guyana is supplied with a cornucopia of juices from Trinidad, Brazil and local producers already existing in Guyana. I may be fighting for a market share and proper market research would have to be carried out.

Project Coordinator: Patrick Carpen

Project Status: In planning.

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