Coconut Resources in Guyana

As we were driving¬†along the coastal plains of Guyana some years back, I pointed my fingers to the vast, continuous stretch of prolific coconut walks which lined both sides of the road. “Take a look at that” I said.

My friend wasn’t on my level of thought. “You mean the rain coming?” he asked?

I didn’t say anything more. Some people are just in a different level of consciousness. And it’s sometimes wise to leave people in their comfort zones than jolt them out of it.

Growing up in Guyana, in the coastal area, I was always amazed at the abundance of coconut trees and was disheartened that the people of Guyana weren’t taking enough steps to more effectively harness this great natural resource. The average backyard in Guyana has about 10 coconut trees. And this in addition to the numerous and prolific coconut farms all across the country. Certainly the potential for creating jobs and wealth through coconut products is mindblowingly obvious.

Two friends from Canada, John and Britney, who were on voluteer projects in Guyana, were amazed by the coconut broom that Guyanese use. They were so excited that they wanted to do a market research and promote the product in Canada. We discussed the idea a lot but somehow we never got to the bottom of it.

I strongly intend to make good of the coconut resources in Guyana, and here are some of the potential products I have in mind:


Refined and virgin coconut oil

Dishwashing liquid

Liquid hand soap

I’ll update this page with more information as the plans develop.

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